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The New, Evolved Crosbie

13 November 2020

When George Crosbie first started this company in 1858, we wonder if he knew this is where we’d be some day –over 150 years later and still growing strong. His small hotel in Brigus, Newfoundland has become a leader in multiple global markets. He would be proud of what we’ve become –known the world over for our unflinching commitment to getting the job done and making sure it’s done right.

As you may have noticed or heard, there’s a lot happening internally here at Crosbie. Our company is in a period of tremendous growth; our partnerships with MacKinnon & Olding and Panthera Solutions allowed us to expand and diversify our levels of service across the globe. With these partnerships, we gained an opportunity to streamline our corporate architecture.

Not only did this process ease both communication and collaboration across all divisions of the company, but it also presented us with the chance to put a fresh coat of paint on the Crosbie brand and image. Why mess with a good thing you ask? Why fix something if it isn’t broke?
Well it’s simple: We wanted our updated image and brand to reflect and celebrate this exciting time in our company’s history. As Crosbie grows globally, so too does the community we occupy. Our responsibility and commitment to this global community is still the same –to make it a better place than we found it.

We put our people first. That’s what has defined Crosbie as a company since day one, over 150 years ago. So, we knew that to do this properly, our starting point had to be our people. We conducted interviews across all levels of Crosbie employees, then reached out to our new partners at Panthera Solutions and MacKinnon & Olding to hear what they had to say. We sat back, listened to what everyone had to say —and then we got to work.

We’re still proud of the way we do business. We hold ourselves to higher standards because it’s the only way we know how to do our jobs. We push our boundaries. We’re built to endure. We deliver nothing but our very best, every time.

Our clients and community know that they can still count on the same results we’ve always delivered. We’re Crosbie: Rooted in experience, helping you reach further.


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Crosbie Group Limited

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